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If you have already purchased the product, this download will upgrade your existing program.  If you have not purchased a license, this download will allow you to evaluate the fully functional version free for 30 days! After the trial expires you can purchase an Unlock Code to activate the licensed copy.


Fixed opening of saved tournaments via double click. Thanks M. Reeves.

Released version 3.0. Free upgrade from 2.0 with proof of purchase.

Fixed error in 128 player brackets when changing a players name. Thanks M. Lear!

Increased maximum locations to 400. Thanks L. Roberts and D. Schultz!

Fixed error in 128 player brackets when changing a players name. Thanks M. Lear!

Increased maximum locations to 400. Thanks L. Roberts and D. Schultz!

Corrected skew of 32 player double elimination board introduced in last update. Thanks J. Faison for reporting this.

Fixed "runtime error 438" on 16 player board. The issue came about when you needed to undo a win in the 3rd round of the one loss bracket. Thanks D. Mackey for reporting this.

Version 2.0 released. 128 player brackets added, customizable tournament colors, Save As, match scoring, automatic finish placement, Vista compatibility, web friendly image creation.

Addition of 16 player brackets.

Automatic delivery of unlock code after purchase.

Enhancement: Payout calculator can now transfer payouts to Brackets.

Fully functional 30 day trial version of NOHO Tournament Manager 1.0 was released.

NOHO Tournament Manager 1.0 released.

NOHO Tournament Manager for Windows

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We hope that you will find our software to be the most intuitive, user friendly tournament software available. Most customers report running their first tournament within minutes of install. Watch the video below to see how quickly and easily you can run your event. Our software is ideal for Pool, Tennis, Table Tennis, Cornhole, Beer Pong, Darts or any other type of single or double elimnation tournament.

Below are some of the features you get with the NOHO Tournament Manager.

  • Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10.
  • Matches that can be played are highlighted for high visibility.
  • Web friendly image creation.
  • Location assignment (i.e. Court 3, Table 12, etc..)
  • Automatic bye assignment.
  • Automatic advancement of players with byes.
  • Optional player randomization.
  • Automatic placement for late entrants.
  • Pay out calculator.
  • Chart printing.
  • Open and save tournaments to disk.
  • Run an unlimited amount of concurrent tournaments.
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade brackets in accordance with the number of participants. There is no need to reenter participants.
  • Updates for minor versions are free. Check back frequently for updates.
  • 16, 32, 64 and 128 single and double elimination brackets. 

Purchasing Information

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If you already have the trial installed, you will simply need to copy and paste your unlock code into the Tournament Manager. You may want to consider whitelisting to guarantee you receive the email.

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